Meet Teri


I’m Teri Kleemann

I’m a professional organizer.

I move things around, a lot.

I redirect, redecorate and revive.

Overwhelmed, confused and in need of a guiding hand?
Stumped, looking for a creative solution to rejuvenate your home?
Excited and ready to refresh, but timid about mixing fun new finds with beloved old belongings?

You have come to the right place, I can help.

I’m a problem solver.  I love the intricacies of organizing and the creativity of home revival.

When I first began organizing professionally I came to the business with many hats, so, I threw them all in the ring and as they fell I found myself sorting, purging, pampering and arranging them.

After spending many years first as a public school teacher, then in my family owned home improvement business and home goods boutique I logically transitioned to professional organizing.  I love what I do!

My clients are caring and compassionate family members, successful, ambitious professionals, and all around awesome, personable people. Working together, we often have fun during the process.  I will admit that I have affectionately been referred to as a taskmaster, however being dedicated, I’ll own it!

Uncontrolled chaos, ineffective agendas, precious memories, cherished gifts, sentimental trinkets, stories recounted through treasures and trash, I get it!

Honest and confidential, I recognize your privacy.  I will gently encourage you to make tough decisions to confidently take control of your space and your productivity and teach you strategies to successfully move forward and reclaim your space.

Let’s knock it out, and call it a TKO!

You will be empowered, I promise!


Hey there,
I was on the SOS Show  (The Super Organizer Show ) with James Lott, Jr. as a featured  Sacramento Professional Organizer
on Thursday, May 4th.
Check it out here:  SOS podcast