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Meet the Organizer


I’m Teri Kleemann

Professional Organizer

Passionate Home Revivalist

I move things around, a lot.

I redirect, redecorate and revive.

Overwhelmed, confused and in need of a guiding hand?
Stumped, looking for a creative solution to rejuvenate your home?
Excited and ready to refresh, but timid about mixing fun new finds with beloved old belongings?

You have come to the right place, I can help.

A lifelong problem solver;  I love the intricacies of organizing and the creativity of home revival.

When I first began organizing professionally I came to the business with many hats.   


I threw them all in the ring and as they fell I found myself sorting, purging, pampering and arranging them.

After spending many years as a public school teacher, and in my family owned, home improvement business/ home goods boutique I logically transitioned to professional organizing.  I love what I do!

My clients are the best! They are caring and compassionate family members, successful, ambitious professionals, and all around awesome, personable people. Working together, we often have fun during the process.  I will admit that I have affectionately been referred to as a taskmaster, however being dedicated, I’ll own it!

Uncontrolled chaos, ineffective agendas, precious memories, cherished gifts, sentimental trinkets, stories recounted through treasures and trash, I get it!

Honest and confidential, I recognize your privacy.  I will gently encourage you to make tough decisions to confidently take back control.  I will help you improve productivity and teach you strategies to successfully move forward and reclaim your space.

Let’s knock it out, and call it a TKO!

You will be empowered, I promise!

Hey there,
I was on the SOS Show  (The Super Organizer Show ) with James Lott, Jr. as a featured  Sacramento Professional Organizer
on Thursday, May 4th.
Check it out here:  SOS podcast



Shout Outs

Here’s what my incredible clients have to say!


“Completely transformed our house and our lives” ~Shelby         

I have worked with Teri to organize my home for the last 2 months. I am a mother of four and was feeling overwhelmed by the basic demands of taking care of my family.  My cousin suggested I find a home organizer as she has moved many times in the last four years and hiring an organizer made these moves stress free.  First off, Teri is very likable and easy going. She first helped me get rid of many things I simply wasn’t using and to have a place to put everything that was important. She spent time rearranging furniture and buying pieces to make the rooms in my home more stylish and livable. She even helped hang pictures.  My home now is very easy to maintain and we are no longer losing our minds trying to find things.  Our house cleaner is needed less; we are less stressed and come home to a home that literally looks staged. We have the added bonus of saving so much money by not doubling up on purchases that we had at home but couldn’t find easily. She has completely transformed our house and our lives. I give her my highest recommendation!   Read review

“Rejuvenated!”  ~Elaine

Teri was very professional and responsive to my ideas. We communicated well and I am very happy with the end result. Fantastic interior decorator, my home, and life feel rejuvenated.  Read review

“Everything is going to be ok” ~Robin

I paint furniture and do various other crafts and my hobbies were taking over my entire house. There wasn’t one room that did not have furniture, paint, windows, cabinets, or some other type of project taking up space. Projects weren’t my only problem, clutter, in general, was taking over my life. If you are looking for an organizer, I am sure you know how debilitating a cluttered home can be… emotionally and physically. That is exactly where I was in my life… sad and overwhelmed.
After one phone call with Teri, I knew that she was the one that I wanted to help me organize my home. She is so kind and made me feel instantly like everything was going to be ok.
We have had 4 sessions and still have a few to go, but it is making such a difference in my life. I like walking into a home that is clutter free… it makes me feel relaxed and calm and makes finding things so much easier.
Working with Teri was so easy… She has such a calm, peaceful spirit. She stays focused and on task which is exactly what I need. She is direct and honest, but not forceful… she will make you think about and evaluate things but never make you do anything that you are not comfortable with.
I highly recommend Teri and I can’t wait to have her back in my home to finish what we started!   Read  review … 

“So happy with our progress” ~S  TKO Client 

Thank you so much for all your help. We have entered many scary places and you have helped me pull, sort, divide, organize and donate.  I have been so happy with our progress and look forward to more.  I don’t know how it got so out of control, I could not have achieved this alone.  Thank you for your help through this process.

“Helped me make sense of my home”  ~Kristen 

I just moved into a new home. Teri helped me to unpack, organize everything and make sense of my home. A new house needs to have a clean slate. Teri helped me to organize my house in a manner that is efficient, easy, and accessible.  Without her, I may still be trying to figure out the best place and way to unpack my house and be able to relax and just enjoy it. Did I mention her decorating ideas were amazing?  One less thing I had to worry about. Read review…

“Beautifully organized space”  ~Janice                    

I hired Teri to help set up my staging inventory at a new location. She had creative and practical ideas to improve efficiency and use of space. I now have a beautifully organized space that saves both time and energy when choosing inventory for a project. Teri is a joy to work with and a true professional. I couldn’t have done it without her!  Read review…

“A huge weight off of my shoulders” ~ Jean

Teri,  you are amazing.  Thank you so much for getting my home organized.  I don’t know how I would have gotten moved without your excellent skills!  You made it tolerable and took a huge weight off of my shoulders!  You did that again today.  I look forward to continuing this relationship. Thank you!

“Made it almost fun  LOL”   ~Sarah 

Amazing organizer with great ideas of not only how to organize my crazy closet once but how to maintain it!  She is wonderfully sweet and friendly which is a plus!  I would highly recommend her to anyone! even though I hate cleaning my closet she made it almost fun! lol  Read review…



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